Enphase Energy

Enphase Energy is the world’s leading provider of solar micro inverters, energy management & storage systems. They pursue unique, high-tech innovations to continually advance the performance and intelligence of residential and commercial solar energy systems. In 2013, Enphase opened up their first Australian office in Melbourne, and in June 2015, the Sydney office was opened.

Renewables & Environment

Solar, energy storage, microinverters & batteries


1420 N. McDowell Blvd Petaluma, CA 94954, United States

Company Size
201-500 employees


About the Project

One of Australia’s inaugural large-scale solar PV projects, the Moree Solar Farm, is one of the largest solar power plants in Australia and the first that uses mechanical devices (trackers) to continually orient its solar panels with the sun to increase their power output each day. This 56MW facility attained Australian government support through an ARENA grant of $101.7 million, and loan from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC).

This project is owned and developed by Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV), who is a leading global operator specializing in the complete management of solar assets for the generation of electricity using the sun as the source. Its activities are focused on the development, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of solar plants.
FRV turned to Elecnor to be their trusted EPCM contractor in executing this ground-breaking project to power nearly 24,000 NSW homes. Recognising the scope of this project, Elecnor used their local subsidiary, Green Light Contractors to implement The Moree Farm Project.

As a long withstanding partner of Elecnor, the Polyglot Group was depended on to provide solutions to their Australian Green Light Contractors subsidiary. As experts in the Energy and Infrastructure industry, we were thrilled to be their partner in this remarkable project, and confident we could deliver solutions for their every need.

The Challenge

Enphase’s rapid growth did not only see them expand to Australia, but also to various other bases including the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands and Latin America. This rapid development gave rise to cross-cultural HR and Recruitment needs. Enphase turned to the Polyglot Group as their preferred partner to assist with these intercontinental needs. As specialists in cross-cultural solutions, we knew we would be the perfect partner for Enphase’s circumstances.

One of Enphase’s top requirements was Recruitment Solutions. They required candidates and leading talent in renewable energy for a number of different countries of operation. As a result, Enphase sought an extensive cross-cultural candidate pool. Enphase’s operation across a number of different time-zones meant they also needed to source candidates right around the clock.

Recruiting an international team also raised compliance concerns for Enphase. Specially, Enphase had concerns in ensuring their employment contracts were wholly compliant with the laws & legislation for each specific country of operation.

Enphase’s international expansion also raised the need to translate company material, such as marketing material and technical specifications.


Our Solution

As Enphase’s chosen cross-cultural partner, we understood that Enphase needed holistic solutions across a number of different fronts. After carefully considering Enphase’s unique circumstances, we concluded that our “grow” bundle would perfectly solve each of Enphase’s unique needs.  As part of this custom-tailored bundle, we provided Enphase with our Employment Outsourcing solution, which means that we became the sole Employer of Record. As another feature of this solution, the entire recruitment function was transferred to Polyglot’s recruitment team, including the task of sourcing candidates.  Our dedicated consultants worked with our international offices in all major time-zones to source the very best talent.
Our commitment to Enphase’s growth and management saw us go the extra mile to ensure we were helping them expand in the right direction. As global Key Account Manager for Enphase, our General Manager for Renewable Energy Jan Rieche took part in the annual “Global Sales Kick Off” meeting in Petaluma, California to determine Enphase’s sales and growth strategy for the coming year. In addition, our Manager for Europe, Jacques Reynaud, worked closely with the senior management of Enphase in Europe, to ensure best practice for increasing market share and aiding team expansion.


The Result

Our “Grow” bundle was tailored to resolve Enphase’s each and every concern. As the recruitment function became our sole responsibility, we used our extensive international networks to source the best talent in the Renewable Energy Sector. As the Polyglot Group has offices in every major time-zone, the time differences were not an issue in sourcing talent.  As a result, Enphase did not invest any energy into recruitment, yet gained access to leading candidates. Overall, we recruited more than 20 candidates for various geographic locations.

With the help of our cross-cultural partners, we acquired local knowledge to ensure Enphase was wholly compliant with local laws & legislation. As we were the employer of record, Enphase’s could rest assured that the business was never threatened by a mistake in this area. As a result, Enphase did not waste time researching local laws and legislation, and thereby could focus all of their energy on the business its self.

Overall, we mobilised our international team to meet Enphase’s cross-cultural needs and ensure best practice for their global expansion.