Mapfre Asistencia is a is a global insurance, reinsurance and services company with 1,500 corporate clients worldwide and more than 100 million customers insured. Present in 45 countries, Mafre Asistencia offer products that increase their partners’ profitability and improve people’s quality of life. They are specialised in Assistance, providing Services and insurance for Specialty risks.


The Insure and Go brand was established in the UK in 2000 and launched in the Australian market in 2011. As a subsidiary of Mapfre Asistencia, the company specialises in travel insurance.



Solar, energy storage, microinverters & batteries


Carretera de Pozuelo, 52 28220 Majadahonda Madrid, Spain

Company Size
10,001+ employees


The Challenge


Our Solution

The Polyglot Group developed a detailed recruitment plan that was adapted to InsureAndGo’s business needs, taking into account the company’s business requirements in the local market (Australia) as well as Mapfre priorities as a global business. The Polyglot Group also developed a business plan which contained detailed job descriptions and in-depth timelines of the recruitment process for each position. This idea was derived from our expert knowledge of the local market combined with our experience working with other European businesses.

In carefully discussing Mapfre’s plans and priorities, The Polyglot Group fostered a deep understanding of their values. When it came to recruiting the best cultural fit, we were able to make prompt and well-informed decisions about which candidates would be ideal for Mapfre and their future.

Our recruitment solution also eliminated Mapfre’s concerns about unexpected costs, as it took the simple form of set monthly payments based on the number of employees.

To provide Mapfre with ongoing HR support and follow-up, we delivered our Grow Bundle. With this in place, Mapfre’s unfamiliarity with Australian law was no longer a concern. As we were listed as the employer of record, Mapfre could rest assured in knowing compliance was guaranteed.

As Mapfre’s HR specialists, we negotiated and drafted employment contracts, meaning the company did not have to waste any time on employment processes and could focus on their core business. With this solution, Mapfre was able to access prompt and expert HR support from our team of expert advisors.

The Result


With our help, Mapfre was able to recruit and manage their new Australian team. Sebastian Kaisin, Australia’s General Manager for InsureandGo reported, “We now have a team of 20 people, including very specific international profiles, fitting into our culture and needs for our business.”

With our assistance, Mapfre was equipped with the confidence and support to grow. “Polyglot is a good partner; one who has a long-term vision and an interest to develop a long-lasting partnership,” said Sebastian Kaisin. Not only did our solution answer all Mapfre’s requirements surrounding recruitment, it also provided ongoing expert HR advice with Australian law and best practice in general.