7 Feb

LeadUp: Healthy Mind, Healthy Life: Nurturing Mental Health in the Workplace & Beyond

Sydney | 64 York St, Sydney NSW 2000


Healthy Mind, Healthy Life: Nurturing Mental Health in the Workplace & Beyond

LeadUp is The Polyglot Group’s refreshed way of supporting equality through a culturally inclusive
initiative. Our events create a safe space to recognise and support women in their careers.
Our mission? To raise women up by sharing inspiring human stories of resilience
and empowerment.
 Regardless of your gender, age or culture, we invite you to join us for LeadUp’s next event!
This time, we will be hearing from Camille Wilson, Director of Grow Together Now, which is a startup dedicated to educating and empowering those around us to shed light on mental health – a topic that is all too often kept in the dark.
Combining lived experience of mental health issues and breakthrough studies in neuroscience, this initiative urges us to not only do away with the stigma but actually benefit from the open discussion of mental wellbeing.
In a Q&A format, Camille will cover different topics as she reveals insights from her own journey recovering from mental health struggles. Equally inspiring is her story of the leap of faith she took to start her own business – all with the desire to change the world, one mind at a time.
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  • What is LeadUp all about?

    LeadUp is dedicated to supporting women in their journey through sharing advice and creating a community of support.

  • Are LeadUp events exclusive to women only?

    Gender equality is an issue with impacts both sexes, and both genders need to be involved in making a change. As such, we invite anyone who is a supporter of women and gender parity.

  • What format will this event take?

    We are pleased to say that this event will be an interactive discussion. Not only will you hear the speaker discuss the topical subject, but you will also have the chance to put your own comments and questions forward. This "Q&A" format is sure to generate a lot of discussion!


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