Degrémont is a French company (subsidiary of SUEZ) of world water treatment and a key player in sustainable water development.


Polyglot Group possesses a track record of successful collaboration with Degrémont since 2005, delivering services in recruitment, language coaching and translation.

On November 8th, Polyglot Group’s Victoria team participated in the visit of Degrémont’s iconic Victorian Desalination plant located 135 km southeast of Melbourne on the Bass Coast, in Wonthaggi. It is a rainfall-independent source of drinking water, capable of supplying up to 150 billion litres a year when required.

The visit was organized by the French Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and consisted of a guided tour of the plant and buffet lunch on-site. This presented an excellent networking atmosphere and a good opportunity for Polyglot Group members to find out more about the engineering capability of the French community in Melbourne.


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