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Chief Cuddle Officer

Max was born from a big family of blue blooded black labradors. With his gorgeous black fur and cute smile, Max was destined to become a show dog. Yet, his life changed for the better when he met his future family. Indeed, it was love at first sight. Ultimately, he decided to leave the glitz and the glamour behind for a more quiet family life.

Alongside his best friend and partner in crime, Chester (a cute grumpy old Westie) Max has gone on many adventures in his lifetime. Having lived a full life and said goodbye to his friend, Max now prefers to follow a calmer path and has been a constant companion to everyone in the office in Sydney. He loves his colleagues as they are always giving him cuddles and belly rubs and also sometimes treat him to some lunch. The office wouldn't be the same without Max's snoring and flappy ears.

Connect With Max:

The Polyglot Group +61 2 9518 4388
The Polyglot Group 25 Burton St
Glebe 2037
5 Things You Didn't Know About Max
Music Snore Monster Just like his owner, Max is not a quiet sleeper. As an active dreamer, he is very entertaining even in his sleep.
Moon Nap King Max is the king of naps. He particularly loves to sleep in the sunshine, close to the heater or under desks.
Heart 2 Cuddle Master Max loves cuddles & belly rubs. As such, he has become a master at strategically lifting peoples' arms as a signal for a good old pat.
Grandpa 2 Old Timer Having just turned 11 in human years (77 in dog years) max is proud to sport a little white beard and white paws.
Dog Best Friend Max's best friend, partner in crime & roommate, Chester, passed away recently, and he misses him deeply.